Almost Valentines Day Champagne Tasting

K&L Valentines Champagne tasting

The pressure slowly grows as the calendar winds inexorably toward the highest stakes holiday of the year: Valentine’s Day. K&L Wines provided the perfect pressure relief: their “Almost Valentine’s Day” champagne tasting. Just add some flowers and chocolate and consider the holiday handled!

Pinot Noir: Battle of the Clones

Pinot Noir Battle of the Clones

Gertrude Stein said that “A rose is a rose is a rose.” It turns out, though, that a Pinot Noir is not exactly a Pinot Noir or a Pinot Noir. We spent an evening learning about some of the many clones of Pinot Noir. Let the battle begin!

Las Positas Vineyards Cheesecake and Wine Pairing

Las Positas Vineyards cheesecake pairing

Wineries throughout Livermore put together intriguing and innovative experiences for their guests during the annual Holidays in the Vineyards weekend. Every year we struggle to select from the long list of wonderful opportunities. With a few hours to tour and so much fun to be had, hard choices were made. We were thrilled to have […]

Holidays in the Vineyards 2018

Holidays in the VIneyards

As the harvest season come to an end across wine country, the best way to maintain our happy glow is to focus on the coming holidays. That brings us to our favorite way to welcome the coming season: Livermore’s Holidays in the Vineyards.

Visiting Nottingham Cellars

Nottingham Cellars

With so many wonderful wineries in Livermore, it is a worthy challenge to check with even half of them on an annual basis. Only through rigorous planning and focus (yeah, right) that we are able to keep up with even a fraction of the new things happening with Livermore wine. We discovered that we were overdue visiting a perennial favorite: Nottingham Cellars!