Summer Party Darcie Kent Style


Ah, summer in Livermore! Sunny days and cool nights, just perfect for ripening wine grapes. Nothing is better for building anticipation of the coming harvest like a summertime wine club release party! We were excited to see that next on our schedule was the summer release party at Darcie Kent Vineyards.

Murrieta’s Well Amazes Again


One of Livermore’s (and California’s) oldest wineries, Murrieta’s Well continues to be a premiere purveyor of fine wines and an outstanding venue for wine tasting. A recent sunny, Friday afternoon seemed to be perfect for another visit to their tasting room. With such a gem just around the corner, why not?

A New Tasting Room for McKahn Family Cellars


The Livermore Valley wine scene is constantly growing and changing. An exciting part of the experience is watching a fledgling winery transition from birth to establishing a reputation, to growing in every way, as the marketplace discovers their unique offerings. It has been great to watch as McKahn Family Cellars developed awareness and then appreciation as a new winery. Their latest transition: moving into a new tasting room that better represents the stature and popularity of their wine.

The Resurgence of Rosé


Rosé wine has a long and storied history, soaring and plunging in popularity over the decades. Of late, rosé wine is enjoying a resurgence as wine makers produce a “not your parents’ rosé” in tune with modern trends.

Mineral Wines Impresses Again


It was a roasting-hot Fathers’ Day in Murphys and we had just completed a fun tasting at Gossamer Cellars. Our enthusiasm for wine tasting was still quite high, but our appetite for walking great distances in the triple-digit temperatures was low. Great news: one of our favorite tasting rooms was mere feet away. Mineral Wines, it was meant to be!