Happy National Rosé Day!


“Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.” was written by Gertrude Stein. Most people think that she was talking about a flower. Today, however, it is appropriate to assume that, instead, she was referring to the most subtle and nuanced of wines, the rosé. That’s right, wine lovers, today is National Rosé Day!

Tasting New European Wines with the APVSA


Tasting a new wine is an exciting experience. Tasting new wines from two dozen new wineries can be mind-blowing! When the Association pour la Promotion des Vins et Spiritueux en Amérique du nord invited us to just such an experience, our response was an enthusiastic “Certainement!”

Fenestra’s Spring Fling


The wine tasting season of 2017 has begun! Nearly every weekend offers kickoff tastings at nearby wineries, many times adding food and live music to the already attractive new wine releases. This weekend was Fenestra’s Spring Fling. Here is a quick glimpse of their event!

Inner Sanctum Cellars


We absolutely love small wineries! The connection between the winemaker and the wine lover is at its most intimate. Every vintage is a new adventure and a fresh glimpse into the evolution of the winery. We returned to Inner Sanctum Cellars for a third year to see where their journey had taken them.

Winning at Wine Festivals


A centerpiece of the wine scene is the wine festival. Nearly every wine region has one or more events that celebrate the best of their vintners. After attending our fair share of these events, here are some tips we’ve picked up along the way: