Pondl Winery

Food and wine pairings can improve both parties or create a hot mess. When pairings go well it is a thing of wonder. Unexpected, yet delicious pairings elevate such a pairing to the level of magic. A recent visit to Pondl Winery displayed this magic for pairing after pairing!

St. Amant Winery

Discovering a hidden gem of a winery brings us boundless joy! A recent wine tasting trip to Lodi gave us several opportunities to experience new wineries. One of the most hidden among them turned out to be an amazing experience. We are definitely adding St. Amant Winery to our “can’t miss” list!

A Blast at Klinker Brick

In masonry, clinker bricks are made when excessive heat over fires wet clay, producing bricks that are dense, dark, and durable. In Lodi, Klinker Brick Winery produces wines that are dark, durable, and downright delicious!

Harney Lane Winery and More

No winery tour in Lodi is complete without a visit to Harney Lane Winery. This family-owned winery combines so many desirable attributes: great wine, beautiful architecture, fun staff and an extra bonus, convenient picnic tables!

Returning to d’Art Wines

Making wine is unquestionably an artistic endeavor. Many times, this artistic flair is expressed in other ways, too. That’s what makes visiting wineries and tasting rooms so much fun: seeing the unique expression of art in the wine and so much more. One classic example of art in every form is a visit to d’Art Wines in Lodi.

Omega Winery Redux

The Lodi wine region is home to wineries big and small. Not surprisingly, winery size does not predict winery quality. We love discovering small wineries with huge skills, so we build our tours with lots of new, unexplored wineries. Sometimes, though, a winery is so nice that we have to visit twice. That was exactly the case when we visited Omega Cellars to explore it all over again.

Jessie’s Grove

Most wineries aspire to prosper for a generation. Many wineries succeed in passing their success on to their heirs. Rarely does such success run for three generations. One notable example of three generations of success is Jessie’s Grove. Starting in 1868, the Spenker family has continuously operated a ranch and farm in Lodi. Today they produce amazing wine from 120 year-old grapes. It was with great anticipation that we visited their tasting room!

Stama Winery

The Lodi wine region undergoes constant change, with wineries and tasting rooms popping up, morphing and (sometimes) disappearing. Popularity brings with it a lot of good challenges, and we were able to enjoy the fruits of one such challenge when we visited the sparkling new tasting room of Stama Winery.

The Jeremy Wine Company

The picturesque downtown area of Lodi is home to boutique shops, brew pubs and, happily, winery tasting rooms. During our recent visit we were able to enjoy two out of three of these attractions. You guessed it, we skipped the boutiques. Our first stop was an amazing visit to the Jeremy Wine Company.

Van Ruiten Family Winery

After boning up on the heritage of the zinfandel grape, we set off for Lodi. We had a full day planned, full of new wineries to explore, with an emphasis on smaller wineries that produced a range of varietals. We were all excited enough about our day that we got up early (which is saying something), packed the car and arrived at our first winery at the stroke of 11:00. Our opening tasting? Today that call went to the Van Ruiten Family Winery!