Bordeaux Tasting at the New K&L Wine SF


Wine tasting in a wine store is a very different experience from a winery. Typically, a wine store trades ambiance for diversity. Many times, the wine guide is pleasant, and has memorized a few key facts about each wine, but otherwise is more comfortable stocking shelves. K & L Wine Merchants is the exception to this rule. The tastings are carefully crafted to present that day’s specialty in its full range, coupled with extremely knowledgeable staff to deliver background and insights behind each pour. The store in San Francisco was offering a Bordeaux tasting and we couldn’t wait to see their new facility.

The Bluxome Street Winery


Wineries in Napa? Sure. Livermore wineries? Of course. But a winery in San Francisco? That’s a first for us, and actually the first for San Francisco in many, many years. We recently ventured into the South of Market area for a wine brunch and continued the fun with a visit to the Bluxome Street Winery. […]