An Amazing Tasting at Domaine Carneros

The Napa Valley is home to many outstanding wine varietals and styles, but one of our favorite themes for a day of tasting is to focus on sparkling wines. After years (decades?) of honing our tour list, we have arrived at a nearly perfect day of bubbles. First stop: Domaine Carneros!

Domaine Carneros

We were ringing out a great year with one last wine tasting tour through Napa. With our focus on tasting sparkling wines, we started our Tour de Champagne with the one winery that can’t be overlooked: Domaine Carneros.

Beaulieu Vineyard

Over 100 years ago, a Frenchman showed his wife such an amazing view of Napa that she exclaimed, “beau lieu!” and a winemaking icon was born. All these years later, Beaulieu Vineyard, or BV as everyone calls it, continues to make a broad array of wines that are enjoyed worldwide.

ZD Winery

Can you believe that rocket science can result in fine wine? Zero defects. so necessary when engineering rockets, can make a difference when making wine, too. Add in a dash of artistry, and results can be remarkable. This unusual hybrid of backgrounds and approaches came together to form ZD Winery. Blast off!

The Andretti Winery

The Napa Valley wine region is awash with picturesque wineries. A beautiful setting and intriguing backstory has become merely the price of entry for a new winery. To rise above the noise – to catch the eye of the discerning wine taster – that requires something that is truly special. When we arrived at the Andretti Winery, we knew that we had discovered something exceptional!