No Surprise: A Glass of Wine Fights Depression!

No Surprise: A Glass of Wine Fights Depression!

Not that wine needs any more good press, but a recent
medical study found that moderate wine drinking was associated with a far lower
incidence of depression. Really, I’m not making this up. Someone got funding to
study the psychological effects of wine drinking. I am definitely in the wrong
line of work!

Researchers at the University of Navarra, in Pamplona
Spain, studied more than 13,000 adults. When the study began, all of the
recipients were free of depression. The research ran from 1999 to 2008, with the
participants’ physical and mental health tracked, along with their diet.
The research found that women who drank one or two
glasses of wine (on average) were 38% less likely to become clinically
depressed. Surprisingly, the men in the study did not show any benefit, at least
with depression.  Drinking more than two
glasses of wine a day did not produce any depression relief either.
No Surprise: A Glass of Wine Fights Depression!
Wine has enjoyed positive press on a number of other health
issues. There is some research that shows that wine (or resveratrol, a component in wine) may provide a possible reduction on bowel cancer,
prostate cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Wine has been shown to help older
adults remain mobile, and may even reduce arthritis.
So will the local pharmacy start carrying some nice
Merlots? Should I consider claiming my wine collection as a medical expense? It
may be too soon. Until then, I’ll just consider my frequent wine tasting trips
an entertainment expense.
To your good health!

About the Author: John grills a mean steak and is always in the market for another wine fridge. Believes that if a winery has more than 10 employees, it's probably too big. Buys wine faster than he drinks it, but who cares?

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