The Wines of Burgundy France

Wines of Burgundy France

Regular visitors to the Bliss recognize that most of our wine tasting takes place in Northern California. This is not much of a limitation, given the incredibly diverse range of wines to be celebrated. It is quite exciting, though, to venture out of our own backyard and experience the wines of other regions. Today’s focus: Burgundy France!

Sparkling Wine vs. Champagne: What’s the Deal?

In the beginning, there was no Champagne. Well, there was a PLACE called Champagne, but there was no bubbly known by that name. Through happy happenstance, wine makers in the Champagne region of France mastered the art of producing sparkling wine and everything changed. But what is the deal with all of the different terms for wine with bubbles?

Occasio Winery

It was a beautiful spring day in Livermore, and we were enjoying some of our favorite Vasco Road wineries. We had time for just one more tasting, and we were excited to learn about the new wines at Occasio Winery.

Nottingham Cellars

Livermore has so many fun and growing wineries! Keeping up with them is a challenging and rewarding activity, requiring focus and stamina. A goal that is well worth the dedication. We recently realized that our last visit to Nottingham Cellars was too far in the past. It was time for another visit!

McKahn Family Cellars

It is great to see a new winery burst onto the wine scene. Even better when the winery gains recognition and respect for the quality of its wine. McKahn Family Cellars is a perfect example, serving great wine in their wonderful new tasting room. We returned to find out what was new!

Dante Robere Vineyards

One of the Livermore wineries successfully making the  move from “rookie” to “established” status is Dante Robere Vineyards. Now fully settled into their beautiful tasting room and building a respected library of award-winning vintages, this winery is showing that they have what it takes to take their place among the premier wineries of Livermore.

Returning to Eckert Estates

Sometimes familiarity breeds neglect. Never was that as evident as our coverage, or lack, of our visits to Eckert Estate Winery. We love everything about Eckert Estates: the wine, the vibe, the people. That means that we visit quite a bit, but have somehow forgotten to write about their new wines for far too long!

Vidovich Vineyards

Wine tasting has its own community of like-minded fans. Over time, connections are made that can lead to even more wine tasting fun. We had a recent example of “six degrees of wine tasting separation” when we received an invitation to attend a party at a new winery called Vidovich Vineyards. That was one great connection!

Why Age Wine in Barrels?

Making wine is a wonderful blend of art and science! The process has been refined over millennia, with each generation building on the advances from before. Each step of the wine making process has a specific and unique contribution to the whole. Ever wonder why most wines are aged in barrels? Here’s what you should know:

Upcoming Events

Mar 25

Rosenblum Cellars in Oakland
Edu-Tasting with Greg and Sally!
Wine Varietals
Sunday, March 25th

Hosted every last Sunday of the month. This month March 25th we will be diving deep into the different styles of popular varietals. The main traits and characteristics of top 5 reds and top 5 whites. Your educators will make sure you will be able to properly identify, smell and taste the difference between these major grape types.

At the end of the class we will be putting your new skills to test by doing a blind tasting to see how well you can identify the various wines.

Space is limited make sure to call the tasting room and reserve your place!
Mar 28

Concannon Vineyard in Livermore
Wine Wednesday
March 28th | 5:00pm-8:00pm
Join us for Wine Wednesday from 5-8pm with live music and wine-down your week! Our tasting room and outdoor pavilion will be open for guests to taste flights and purchase bottles and glasses of our Reserve wine to enjoy on our estate. Musician Omar Naré will be performing a blend traditional mariachi music with hints of jazz, soul, and pop.
Apr 10

Concannon Vineyard in Livermore
P.S. We Love You
A Tribute to “America's First Petite Sirah”
Tuesday, April 10th | 6-8pm | Visitors: $65 | Members: $55
Enjoy an evening that is all about the big, rich and full-bodied, Petite Sirah. Learn about its rich history and the story behind Jim Concannon's passion for Petite Sirah that led Concannon to be the first in America to release this as a standalone varietal in 1964. Go deeper into its character and flavor profiles with this unique Petite Sirah tasting and food pairing.
Apr 11

Page Mill in Livermore
Paint Night Re-scheduled! Wed. April 11
Create this masterpiece while sipping some wine! Join us on Wed. April 11 at 6:30 p.m. You will get instruction and all of the supplies to make this beautiful painting to take home! Space is limited, so reserve your space today! $40 for Underground Wine Club Members, $45 for non-members. Includes one glass of wine. More wine available for purchase.
Apr 14

Harney Lane in Lodi
Join us for a laid-back evening on our patio as we celebrate Zinfandel, our heritage grape, through a range of unique culinary creations! Our portfolio showcases the diversity of Zinfandel styles, from our 114 year old Lizzy James Vineyard to our Primitivo and our port-style dessert wine.

Together with chef Warren Ito, we will take you on a journey through the flavors of each unique vineyard designate, from the plate to the glass! View menu here.
Saturday, April 14 | 6pm
$80 public | $70 Wine:30 Wine Club | $50 Wine:30 Case Club
Payment will be taken at time of reservation. Space is limited! Cancellations must be made by Friday, April 6 in order to receive a refund. Members may purchase up to 4 tickets at club price.
Click here for more info

McKahn Family Cellars in Livermore
Our long awaited Rosé of Grenache will be released on Saturday April 14th! Don't miss out on this beautiful wine. Tasting flights for $15. Case discounts will be available.
Do you have a winery event that you would like publicized? Drop us an email at and we will make it happen!