Wine Tasting Fashion

Wine Tasting Fashion

Let’s be real: the best part of any weekend adventure is
figuring out your outfit. Wine tasting is both exciting and confusing,
fashion-wise, because anything goes. I like dressing up a bit because a) photo
ops abound, b) it’s fun and gets me in that festive wine-guzzling mood, and c)
don’t we all like feeling French and sophisticated from time to time? If you’re
more casual, then Livermore wine country was made for you. You’ll see
everything from shorts and flip-flops to sundresses and polo shirts. Here are
some examples of outfits I would rock during a wine-tasting extravaganza:

  1.  It’s technically fall, but here in the Tri-Valley we’re still sweating…er, glowing. You can stay seasonal without all the sweat in a swingy dress (the looser the better for those cheese plates). A small crossbody bag will hold your wallet, lip balm, and gum without weighing you down. 
  2. As it gets cooler, you can work in my favorite fall color, army green, with some colored jeans. The best aspect of colored denim is that you can slack off and keep it simple with the rest of your outfit, like this fun top and these comfy booties
  3. I can’t lie, I keep it pretty casual at the wineries so I can focus my energies on trying to like white wine. Shorts and a t-shirt are classic and put-together, and you can always add a cardigan or blazer. 

There you have it, Internet friends, the outfits I’ll be rockin’ at the wineries this fall. If you show up in any of these, we’re definitely taking a twin photo, though.

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