What’s in My Wine Tasting Bag

What’s in My Wine Tasting Bag

Internet friends, we all know that I am consistently underprepared for many of life’s most pedestrian moments. Traveling? I’m the one bothering the front desk for those crappy disposable tooth brushes, because I forgot mine. Oh, we’re eating out? Awesome, I’ll forget my wallet roughly seventeen times between my house and the restaurant. Saturday morning hike? I forgot my allergy medicine and am rocking a vicious bout of hives as my statement piece for the weekend. 
Being a mess isn’t easy, but luckily I have courageously volunteered to be the mess for you, so you can skip the forgetfulness and go straight to the good stuff. Nobody wants a weighed-down purse cramping their blissful days, but these items are essential to enjoying a quality day of wine tasting: 
Editor’s note: Obviously, you should bring your ID. I’m a mess. We’ve been over this. 
  •  Colgate Wisps: I’m not sponsored by Colgate, but I should be with how much I promote these little babies. Wine-stained teeth aren’t cute, but gum or mints can spoil the delicious flavors colonizing your palate. These pseudo-toothbrushes are a convenient and water-free way to make those pearly whites…well, pearly white. 
  • Reusable water bottle: wine tasting is not the time to save water. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and you need to stay hydrated! 
  • Lip balm: One of the best parts of wine tasting is the natural lip stain that comes from tasting red wine. Cosmetics companies have spent decades trying (and failing) to emulate this, so I like to keep it simple with some lip balm. 
  • Band Aids: Whether you’re accident-prone or you decide to break in new shoes, Band Aids will always pay off. Plus you can buy some Transformers or Hello Kitty bandages and be the most stylin’ overgrown five year-old at the vineyard. 
  • Granola Bar/Snacks: Because who doesn’t get the wine munchies? 
  • Power Bank/Phone Charger: After an afternoon full of fun selfies, your phone will be hurting. 

Hopefully some of these items make their way into your bag this weekend, and can help you avoid being That Girl…because that role is already taken by yours truly. 

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