Finding Clarity in the Tasting Room

Finding Clarity in the Tasting Room
Finding Clarity in the Tasting Room

It’s me again, Internet friends, coming to you with a post that’s a little more serious than my usual shenanigans. Buckle your seatbelts and ready yourself for some emotional intimacy.

I’m at that fun stage in life that most of you have probably already left. I graduated from college in June with a slightly less-than-traditional arts major, and am currently embodying the postgrad
struggle. My friends, who have been less than a five minute drive away for four years, are spread across America, and occasionally the world. Throughout college, I was involved in about 65 different clubs and worked two jobs that I loved. Suddenly my days only consist of “adulting” in the real world, and I must have missed the class on how to do that in undergrad.

Finding Clarity in the Tasting Room
 Proof that I got that fancy piece of paper. 
All of this backstory has a point, I promise. I visited home recently, and of course my dad and I went wine tasting (see that post here). We ended up as the sole tasters at Eagle Ridge, which is also known as “living the dream” at a winery. My dad and Jim, the owner/winemaker, are good friends, and we all got to talking over some delicious reds. Most conversations I’m involved in lately are loosely centered around the eternally anxiety-inducing question: “So what are you doing with your life?” Of course, people ask because they care and because they want to help, and because a piece of them is still that lost 20-something too. This time, I was honest. I have no
Finding Clarity in the Tasting Room

It’s scary admitting to a casual acquaintance that you’re lacking direction, but Jim told me about his history in the military and in a variety of different jobs before becoming a winemaker. All of these different jobs, he said, were what he wanted to do or needed to do at the time. The insurmountable question of “what you’re doing with life” is cobbled together from lots of jobs
and steps in the journey.  My dad owned a computer store, and worked for tech startups, and runs a wine blog. Jim has been this and that, and owns a winery.

 I want to travel to Spain, and get my master’s degree, and I want to learn how to bartend, and
work with a nonprofit, and I want to write every day for the rest of my life. Talking with these guys who have clearly achieved a great level of success and satisfaction in life, I realized that I have time to do it all, and that the time doesn’t have to be right now. I can tackle life in
a series of steps, and do what I have to do until I can do what I want to do. Nobody wakes up at 22 owning a winery. Just like the delicious red I was sipping didn’t grow on the vine with directions for how to produce it, there isn’t a set path that I have to take.
Finding Clarity in the Tasting Room
Maybe you’re in your mid-40’s, wondering if you should get your real estate license. Maybe you’re 30 and finally working to get that MBA. Maybe you own a small business. Regardless of what you’re “doing with your life”, it’s enough. Some people’s lives are moscato, some people’s lives are merlot, and some people’s lives are still coming together in the barrel.

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