Celebrating “International Drink Wine Day”

Celebrating “International Drink Wine Day”

As if we haven’t partied hard enough this week celebrating Valentine’s Day and President’s Day, February 18th marks a day incredibly near to the hearts of the entire Wine Tasting Bliss team: International Drink Wine Day. That’s right, today you have another reason to drink wine other than it being a Thursday. Here are some ways we’re thinking of celebrating in style:

Further improve your heart health

Why not do both?

Drinking a glass of red wine every day is everyone’s favorite way of keeping their heart healthy. To add a challenge into your holiday festivities, why not YouTube some easy yoga routines or try these TV workout routines? I’m halfway through the Couch to 5k program, and it’s kicking my butt in a surprisingly doable way. I only feel like I’m dying half the time.

Hit up Happy Hour

Except in your day, please do not actually emulate the mom from Mean Girls, no matter how rockin’ her 2000’s sweatsuit may be.

Use Yelp to search for local happy hour deals, and meet up with friends to get a deal and get your drink on. Most restaurants offer food deals alongside discounted drinks, so you can also get out of cooking dinner tonight.

Pinterest-Worthy Picnic

Sorry for reminding you of the montage from Up, and therefore making you cry.

Grab some Subway sandwiches or swing by the grocery store for that obnoxiously large French baguette. You can transfer your wine into a classy adult sippy cup, we won’t tell anyone. (Editor’s note: for our CA wine-drinking friends, sorry that El Nino destroyed your romantic picnic plans. You can put a blanket on the living room floor and sadly stare outside with us. We feel ya.)

Binge Watch for the Theme


Check out any of these food documentaries, available on Netflix. There’s even a wine documentary, Somm, about hopeful sommeliers prepping for their test.

You can also cuddle up under a blanket with a glass of Pinot and catch up on your Wine Tasting Bliss articles, of course. However you choose to celebrate, I hope your Thursday is amazing! Happy International Drink Wine Day, bliss friends.



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