KorbelKorbel Champagne

What is the easiest way to tell when the Wine Tasting Bliss family gets together? Just listen for the sound of champagne corks popping! We love all kinds of wine, but most get-togethers feature one or more local wines AND champagne. But hey, champagne goes with any kind of food, it refreshes winter or summer, and the bubbles are fun to watch and tickle the nose!

We have tasted and enjoyed many champagnes, local and from around the world. The one champagne that keeps us coming back is Korbel. In fact, we first justified our Costco membership based solely on our projected savings on M&Ms and Korbel champagne. The brut is our favorite; a nice balance of fruit and crispness. It is our typical “welcome back to the house” drink and graces many left hands during ladder golf competitions.

Korbel champagne is a great value! We have done blind taste tests, comparing Korbel with more expensive domestic and French champagnes. If we ignore Veuve Clicquot (really can’t consider Veuve Clicquot to be on the same playing field) we prefer Korbel consistently. Plus, we can fill an entire shelf in the ol’ wine fridge with Korbel, or we can buy one, lovely bottle of Veuve. We solved that riddle the old fashioned way, we bought one bottle of Veuve when we were feeling wealthy and a shelf of Korbel for those family dinners that make life so wonderful. What’s not to like?