A tasting room in Capitola!

A tasting room in Capitola!

This post is long overdue, but this tasting room and city have been on my mind ever since May! For my birthday my best friend took me to Capitola, which believe it or not I have never been to. I fell in love with this adorable beach town immediately upon arrival and imagine my surprise when I spotted a tasting room for Armida Winery right in Capitola Village!

We of course changed all plans and stopped there first. The tasting room has a small bar complete with purse hooks (Meg and I are suckers for that) and a beautiful view. The laid back vibe reminds you that you are in a beach town and those two things definitely make my heart sing. We met the manager, Christopher Tynan, who poured us six wines plus a bonus for the $10 tasting fee. The Sauvignon Blanc was refreshing and light followed by a Chardonnay that was more oak than butter that Megan really enjoyed. Then it was time to move onto reds. The Pinot Noir was also light with a dry finish, which I think some people love, but it just makes me too thirsty.

Next up was the Poizin Zin sourced from 5 vineyards (red skull and cross bones). Megan’s immediate reaction: “Get in my belly now.” This wine came back to the hotel with us no questions asked. Parmelle was a hearty wine that rested heavily on the tongue and we rounded out the tasting with the Maple zinfandel, which tasted like a typical zin to me. 

Christopher could not help but pour the 2012 Poizin Zin reserve for us since we could not stop ogling the glittery pink label. Yes, pink and glitter. At a $70 price tag – without coffin, $80 with – you would be happy to hear that only 250 cases were produced from 10 selected barrels, so the price tag matches how exclusive it is. Megan described this wine perfectly. She said this one was more of a meal, it was a chewy red wine with a warm and comforting feeling. This wine almost went home with us, however we were there in May and it just didn’t make sense to purchase. Just like purchasing a sweater in the middle of summer doesn’t make sense.

We have no doubt we’ll be back and perhaps with our husbands in tow so we can all partake in wine, beach and the sunshine together!


About the Author: Sarah's philosophy is that every occasion; a wedding, job promotion, Friday night after a tough week or even sitting at a Pai Gow table in Las Vegas should be celebrated with a glass of bubbly in hand. Her reviews will be casual, just like her. Descriptions will be basic and typically consist of a great place to drink said wine.

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  1. I wish more wine came in coffins. And I wish more coffins were only $10. Festive!

  2. PS just had to do a hamburger recognition challenge to be able to post that comment, and I did not appreciate the trick part of the question. That chicken sandwich looked a LOT like a hamburger.

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