The Harvest Celebration at the Press Club


We were understandably excited about the Press Club’s Harvest Celebration. It was a great chance to check out a trendy San Francisco lounge while getting acquainted with some new wineries and their wines. In this instance, our expectations were exceeded by the actual event!

Press Club overviewThe Press Club is conveniently located across the street from the Yerba Buena Gardens on a pedestrian walkway appropriately called “Yerba Buena Lane.” We arrived fashionably early and soaked up the nice weather and did some people watching until the doors opened. The ticket taking/check-in process was as painless as anything we have ever experienced. In no time we were walking down the stairway to collect our wine glasses and queue up for our first taste.

Here are some memories from this wonderful evening:

Hope to see you at next year’s Harvest Celebration!

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