6 Gifts Under $70 For Your Wine Lover

6 Gifts Under $70 For Your  Wine Lover

This time of year is wonderful and terrible at once. There’s so much to love about Christmas, but the pressure of presenting the ideal gift for everyone can really strain the brain. There’s still time to pick out a little something for the wine lover in your life that will be appreciated without breaking the bank. Here are six gift ideas for the wine lovers in your life:

Everybody needs gift ideas, so we thought we’d help out. These are some of our favorite wine-related gift ideas for your consideration. Just click on an image for more information.

6 Gifts Under $70 For Your  Wine Lover6 Gifts Under $70 For Your  Wine Lover

For the wine lover who loves a formal presentation as much as a well-aged Merlot, this gift set covers the entire range of the wine drinking experience, complete with a foil cutter, an amazing Rabbit Lever Corkscrew, aerating wine pourer, a drip stopper (a friend called this his “marriage preserver”), even a bottle stopper for those rare occasions when there’s wine left after the party ends. It’s all stored in a presentation-quality wooden box, ready for a box and label. Makes a great statement for $69.99.

6 Gifts Under $70 For Your  Wine Lover6 Gifts Under $70 For Your  Wine Lover

Do you know someone (besides me) who loves recording their wine tasting experiences? This leather-bound book is ideal for capturing every element of the tasting experience. To avoid awkward explanations later, the pages are plastic-coated. No stains, no excuses. Also includes 20 wine label lifters, so that there’s no question of which wine is being discussed. Rounding out the concept is a guide on how to evaluate wine. All you need to add is some wine and let the tasting begin! It’s $39.99, amazing wine not included.

6 Gifts Under $70 For Your  Wine Lover6 Gifts Under $70 For Your  Wine Lover

How about maintaining a sense of style while on the go? This rosewood-handled bottle opener is perfect for picnic outings, ocean-side relaxing, or just avoiding clutter in the wine drawer. The cork screw action is double hinged, making it much easier to remove stubborn corks. It is complete with a knife for cutting the foil, even a bottle opener for popping the sparkling water to stay hydrated. Comes in a nice gift box and includes a black velvet carrying bag. High style and top performance for $24.95.

6 Gifts Under $70 For Your  Wine Lover6 Gifts Under $70 For Your  Wine Lover

For those bottle opening opportunities around the house, why not apply a little power to the situation? This Oster electric bottle opener can pull 30 corks between charges, which makes it more than ample for the parties around our place, at least! Includes a foil cutter and a nice tabletop charging stand. Push a button and wait for the pop! It is $19.99 in what Amazon calls “frustration free packaging”.

6 Gifts Under $70 For Your  Wine Lover6 Gifts Under $70 For Your  Wine Lover

Once the wine bottle is open, you need something to pour into, right? These unique stemless wine glasses are made from shatter-resistant glass and are dishwasher safe. They fit nicely in your hand and even better in your cupboard. Works nicely with white or red wine, even the occasional juice! At $14.79 for 4, this is a great way to get a young couple set up for years of wine enjoyment.

6 Gifts Under $70 For Your  Wine Lover6 Gifts Under $70 For Your  Wine Lover

On the go and ready for a glass of wine? These clever acrylic wine glasses are double-wall insulated to keep your wine at the ideal temperature longer and fitted with secure and colorful lids to avoid unpleasant spills. The good stuff (the wine) stays on the inside while the wonders of nature (dirt, grass, bugs) stay on the outside. Sounds like a great idea, right? A pair sells for $9.99. Every picnic basket deserves at least one set. Maybe throw in that traveling cork screw!

So there you have it, our gift ideas for wine lovers everywhere. Regardless of your gift choices, we hope that you have a wonderful Christmas season!


About the Author: John grills a mean steak and is always in the market for another wine fridge. Believes that if a winery has more than 10 employees, it's probably too big. Buys wine faster than he drinks it, but who cares?

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