Mineral Wines


Discovering new wineries is a thrill, but revisiting familiar favorites is equally fun. Every visit reveals new wine, new sights and new winery happenings. We recently had the chance to check in at Mineral Wines just before the excitement of harvest.

Locke Vineyards


From big trees to big wines? We discovered a new winery that demonstrates that a love for nature can be expressed in a multitude of ways. Locke Vineyards is the happy result of a career in forestry pivoting to a second career in winemaking.

Twisted Oak Winery


Their motto is “For a good time, call Twisted Oak Winery” so you know that they don’t take themselves too seriously. Oh, and their mascot is a giant yellow frog. When winetasting in the Murphys area, we ALWAYS try to include Twisted Oak in our plans.

Vina Moda Winery


Wineries and their tasting rooms vary widely. That is part of the joy of wine tasting; experiencing the range and diversity of styles and approaches. The picturesque town of Murphys is a microcosm of this diversity. The new Vina Moda tasting room aims at the high end, and delivers a rich and refined sensory experience.

Hatcher Winery


Main Street in Murphys is a celebration of wine tasting! It seems that every doorway leads to either a restaurant or a tasting room. Add in the stagecoach-era Murphys Hotel, and you have pretty much everything you need for a great outing. One “can’t miss” stop along the wine stroll is the Hatcher Winery.