Double Barrel Wine Bar

Double Barrel Wine Bar
Please note that this winery has closed.

Downtown Livermore has developed a fantastic night scene, with a wide range of food and beverage offerings. A Friday night in Livermore has so many fun options, but on this night we chose to check out Double Barrel Wine Bar.

After a fun day in San Francisco, we were ready to unwind and catch up with family. We took a leasurely walk down First Street and quickly settled on the Double Barrel Wine Bar for the evening.

The wine list

We arrived and were thrilled to find that a table was available on the front patio. As we were seated, we met wine and food guide Meagan, who displayed an impressive knowledge of the wine list. Name a wine and Meagan could rattle off the component varietals in the blend, or some highlights from its flavor profile. We scanned the wine list and peppered Meagan with questions. Their wine list was a fun balance of Old World, New World, and Livermore wines. Each of the four of us selected a different red wine, divided between Napa and Livermore producers.

We ordered a 2014 Copain “Tous Ensemble” Syrah, a 2014 Page Mill “GPS”, a 2014 Wood Family Merlot Reserve, and a 2014 Nella Terra Cellars “Redded Bliss”. A few minutes later, Meagan demonstrated a magic trick: delivering four identical-looking glasses of wine, setting each one down in front of the person for which it was intended. A quick sip established that we had each ordered exactly the right wine for the occasion.

dbwinechipsAfter a bit of wine and some chatting, we decided to order their Papas Frites appetizer: thick cut potato chips misted in key lime olive oil and served with pimento smoked cheddar cheese spread. The zesty lime notes balanced the smokey cheddar nicely and provided a nice backdrop for our various red wines.

With appetites properly tuned up, we ordered more wine, swapping in a 2013 Ruby Hill “Peacock Patch” Zinfandel and a 2014 Tooth and Nail Winery “The Stand” blend. We ordered their Graceland Burger, Steak & Frites, and Drive-in Sliders. The food arrived quickly and we settled in for some serious eating.

Horatio Monroe playing another gig

The evening was made more enjoyable because of a random coincidence. Just across the street was a licensed street performer. After hearing his amazing command of decades of music and dozens of genres, we dashed over to meet (and tip) the performer. We met Horatio Monroe, who with his acoustic guitar provided several hours of enjoyment for us and everyone strolling along First Street.

With the night drawing to a close, we felt that we had room for just a bit of sweet. We ordered their Cocoa Vida Truffles: locally made, wine inspired chocolates. The four amazing bits of heaven provided an ideal finish to an ideal night of wine, food and family.

Many thanks to Meagan and the entire team at Double Barrel Wine Bar!



About the Author: John grills a mean steak and is always in the market for another wine fridge. Believes that if a winery has more than 10 employees, it's probably too big. Buys wine faster than he drinks it, but who cares?

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