A Breezy Tasting at Omega Road Winery

Omega Road Winery

Springtime in Livermore is host to a wide range of weather conditions. On this particular Saturday, the cool air from the bay was swooping through Livermore toward the central valley. That meant cloudless skies and moderate temperatures. It also meant random, gusty bursts of wind. We decided to take advantage of the lovely day and checked in with Omega Road Winery to catch up on their latest wines.

A Family Vineyard on Gallipoli Peninsula: Suvla Wines


Have you ever thought about how a story of a vineyard shapes our wine tasting experiences? When you know about the certain story behind something you are interested; you are more likely to enjoy it. That applies the wine as well. Wine is a personal journey after all and what we figure, discover and learn in the process can highly affect our perceptions.