Double Barrel

Double Barrel

After attending Wine Down, Julie (fellow WTB editor and sister [in law]) and I didn’t want the night to end and miss the opportunity to spend some quality girl time together.  We made our way (safely via designated driver) to First Street. Our first stop Double Barrel. Why it took so long for downtown Livermore to have wine bars move in, I’ll never know. Nonetheless, Double Barrel is here – taking over the old location of a Livermore staple, First Street Ale House and has turned this beer serving, hamburger loving ale house into an elegant, but laid-back wine bar.

Julie and I both selected the Bordeaux Blend flight for $12 which consisted of a 2008 Chateau Petit Manou from Bordeaux, France, a 2007 Vignalta Rosso Riserva from Veneto, Italy and a 2009 Lock & Key Meritage from the North Coast of our beautiful state of California. Julie preferred the Vignalta Rosso Riserva which is made with a blend of Merlot and Cabernet grapes. I opted for the Meritage as I have been to a Meritage party at my friend’s parent’s house and have enjoyed this unique blend of wine ever since. Julie entertained the young gentleman working at DB and myself with a tale of where the name Meritage came from. Only partially believing Julie led me to look up the story on the World Wide Web. I will share with you the short version, but feel free to learn more about Meritage wine by visiting the Meritage Alliance website. The name Meritage was selected out of 6,000 international contest entries where it combines ‘merit’ and ‘heritage’ which accurately describes the quality of the grapes and the tradition of blending wine. (by the way, Julie was 100% correct on her story.)

Now, that I have digressed and provided you with a history lesson, let me get back to Double Barrel. You can enjoy your wine on the back patio (most weekend evenings there is live music), the front patio, by the fireplace, or at the bar where you are bound to make a new friend or see an old one. (Did that just come off as a Dr. Seuss line or was that just me?) If you are staying for more than a glass don’t forget to check out their eats. They offer quite a variety of options such as an antipasti board, grilled flatbread of the day, mushroom empandas and of course who can resist chocolate covered strawberries.

The best part about Double Barrel and well downtown Livermore in that case, is the short cab ride home. I’ll be back Double Barrel and hope to find a seat on the back patio for once!

Don’t drink and drive

About the Author: Sarah's philosophy is that every occasion; a wedding, job promotion, Friday night after a tough week or even sitting at a Pai Gow table in Las Vegas should be celebrated with a glass of bubbly in hand. Her reviews will be casual, just like her. Descriptions will be basic and typically consist of a great place to drink said wine.

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